MADRIX Professional Hire

We have Madrix Professional available to hire by the week

64x DMX 512 Output
32,768 DMX Channels
Artnet Ready
Philip Color Kinetics Ready
Insta / ROBE Ready
DVI, T9, 5A Output 786,432 pixels
Receives DMX input
Receives Time Code
Audio DSP
Remote control via DMX, Art-Net, MIDI, HTTP

All MADRIX® software license versions include an installation CD-ROM, a software protection dongle (the MADRIX® KEY), and an English user guide.

MADRIX® KEY start, dvi start, entry, dvi entry, basic, dvi, and professional may be upgraded at any time because of the software protection dongle. It simply needs to be updated.

Several MADRIX® KEYs can be used with one computer. The product features will add up and their combined possibilities will be offered. Often, this will mean that the available DMX output increases. For instance, MADRIX® NEO and MADRIX® KEY start used together would offer 2x DMX512 output.

You can connect multiple MADRIX® LUNA, MADRIX® PLEXUS, MADRIX® NEO, MADRIX® USBone, or MADRIX® I/O interfaces.

* DMX: The limit for DMX output is set by the number of DMX channels. In this way, it is possible to use more DMX universes than indicated by the MADRIX® license version if necessary (by using less than 512 DMX channels per universe).

° DVI: Stretching and scaling to higher resolutions is possible. 512 pixels are 32×16 for example. 4,096 pixels are 64×64 for example. 307,200 pixels are 640×480 for example. 786,432 pixels are 1024×768 for example. 1,310,720 pixels are 1280×1024 for example. Please pay attention to other factors, such as hardware limitations!

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